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Romania - Moldova
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Send parcels and packages Romania - Moldova

Parcel transport services on the Romania-Moldova route are successfully provided by If you have to deliver a package we are the ideal solution, all you have to do is to follow the steps:

  • contact us - we accept applications through personal customer accounts on the site, e-mail, by phone;
  • inform when and where you want to send the package, documents or other goods;
  • listen to the manager
  • agree on a suitable solution.

Shipping parcels to Moldova

The price of the services for the transport of your package is made at the time of its transfer to the driver. He also tells you information about the time of arrival at the destination of the recipient. In addition, we will request the recipient's mobile number from you.

The delivery conditions of your packages are simple. All you have to do is call our operator at the numbers displayed on the site and tell us where you want to send the package. Send parcels from Romania to Moldova and parcels Moldova-Romania with confidence.

Our operator will check the traffic schedule and inform you on what day and at what time the packages will be sent to your destination.

Send parcels from Romania to Moldova with confidence. Call our operator and establish all the details. Draw your attention, we also deliver parcels Moldova-Italy.

Frequently asked questions
In what time frame do we deliver a parcel from Romania to Moldova?arrow

Delivery is carried out from 24 to 36 hours, depending on the point of departure and destination. We can make delivery "day to day" if you contact us at the very beginning of the working day.

Is it possible to send documents from Romania to Moldova?arrow

Yes, we accept documents for shipment. Make sure that they are tightly packed in a protective non-bending material.

Is it possible to receive a parcel from Romania to Moldova at the address?arrow

Yes, if the route passes through your locality. If not, the transfer of the parcel is carried out according to pre-agreed conditions.

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