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International bus routes to Europe

Transport Persoane - is a company that organizes international bus services, passenger transport, parcels, packages and rent of vehicles of any type. We organize bus trips to Europe, crossing all the most important transport arteries of the center and west of the continent. France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Slovakia are our main routes, we use performing bus routes from Europe to Moldova and vice versa. Bus travel to Europe on Transport Persoane manufactured using 18 modern buses and vans that are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable movement over long distances. Our customers can enjoy the peace and optimal conditions because of Transport Persoane managed to create a truly comfortable and safe circumstances in which each carried our international bus services. We regularly produce technical inspection technique used and has never faced greater challenges on the way. Transport Persoane produces absolute legal transportation of passengers and cargo in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Moldova and the EU.

Choose a high-quality transport services and enjoy the journey to the future. Automotive flights from Europe from Transport Persoane - it's almost 300 thousand kilometers of work already done and the way hundreds of cities in which we were able to deliver passengers and cargo. People turn to us when needed reliable and comfortable bus service. Europe is getting closer with Transport Persoane. Moldova is getting closer, if you choose delivery of parcels and documents, using our machines.

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