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Send parcels and packages Germany - Romania - Moldova

Our company has been sending parcels from Germany to Moldova for many years. During this time, we have been able to organize the process so that our clients receive the best service.

Sending a parcel to Europe with “Transport Persoane” Company means:

  • to be sure that it arrives in one piece;
  • to know that it will be delivered to the addressee in a short time;
  • to know that in case of force majeure the cost of the parcel will be compensated in full.

What you can send with our help:

  • any non-food items;
  • products with a long shelf life;
  • medical products;
  • documents.

Why are we better than others?

“Transport Persoane” Company provides European service, price control and guarantees. Our mission is satisfied customers who will use our services regularly. With us you can make parcel shipments from Moldova to Germany. And we also have many other services, such as freight transportation across Europe or minibus rental.

Frequently asked questions
How much does a package from Germany to Moldova cost?arrow

The cost of the parcel is calculated individually and depends on the volume and dimensions. You can find out the price beforehand through the form on this page or by calling the phone numbers listed in the header of the site.

How to pack a parcel correctly?arrow

Our managers will inform you of the entire list of requirements. The main ones are: dense packaging material, the absence of voids in boxes and packages, the use of bubble wrap and appropriate labeling if the contents are fragile.

What are the guarantees for sending parcels?arrow

We guarantee that we will deliver the parcel to the addressee personally. In case of damage or loss, we will refund the full cost when providing a receipt confirming it.

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