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Transportation of cars on the trawl

Another additional activity of the “Transport Persoane” Company is renting a trawl. This service is perfect for those looking for a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to transport oversized loads. Thanks to its unique design, even very large loads can be transported - the trawl will always remain stable. It is also suitable for transporting special machines and machinery.

Why order delivery by renting the trawl from us?

  1. We keep our transport in ideal condition. It is always clean, well maintained and ready for emergency departures. 
  2. All our drivers are experienced and undergo health checks at the start of their journey.
  3. We take full responsibility for authorizations, planning and route coordination.
  4. We are ready to transport any cargo, regardless of appearance, size and type.

Renting a trawl from our company saves you all the hassle of organizing transport. At the same time, the price of our trawl rental services in Moldova is lower than the market average and is always backed by high quality.

To find out the cost of hauling loads by trawl right now, contact us. The manager will draw up a commercial offer once it is clear what you want to transport and over what distance. We guarantee full cargo safety, immediate response to force majeure circumstances and continuous information support. To estimate all our benefits, please contact us. Pay attention to another additional service - bus rental. We look forward to working with you!

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