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Passenger transportation Moldova - Romania - Austria

Romania - Austria

Passengers transportation is carried out every day, in the afternon, from Chisinau

The transportation is caried out until the established address

Booking place by phone
tel+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
tel+(49) 17697056907
tel+(40) 754916932
WIBER+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
WHATSAPP+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01

Do you need an adventure? Do you want to travel, to discover the world? Or do you need a business trip? You can find the answer to all these questions here. We provide you with an impeccable passenger transport service from Moldova-Romania-Austria.

We offer personal assistance, technician and experienced drivers. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible. You can contact us at any time of the day, any day of the week and in any situation.

Our advantages are:

  • Team of professionals, attentive and friendly drivers
  • Availability 24/7
  • Modern coaches, with all the conditions for a pleasant trip
  • Safety
  • Affordable prices, depending on your needs

We do everything that we can to ensure that the transport of people is as comfortable as possible and that you are full of only beautiful emotions. We also offer reliable passenger transport from Austria to Moldova, so you don't have to worry about when you will want to return. Our drivers are very experienced and speak at least one foreign language, and they will certainly help you. We offer a guarantee of high standards. For more details do not hesitate to contact us at the phone number on the site.

We will be happy to be part of your journey!

Crossing cities: Schwechat, Hollabrunn, Vienna, Parndorf, Nickelsdorf, Fischamend, Eisenstadt, Ebreichsdorf, Brunn am Gebirge, St. Pölten, Melk, Amstetten, Linz, Gmunden, Salzburg, Wels, Bad.

Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to book a trip for corporate clients?arrow

Yes, we have individual conditions for working with corporate clients. If you are a representative of the company and are looking for a reliable transportation partner, call us! We are ready to offer you mutually beneficial terms of cooperation!

Is it possible to take animals on a trip?arrow

Yes, you can, if they are in a portable bag, carrying and have a veterinary passport. Also, animals should not pose a danger to the health and life of other passengers. Exotic, sick and large animals are not allowed for transportation.

How often do we leave Moldova for Austria?arrow

We leave Chisinau for Austria every day. Please check the departure time of the bus by phone with our consultants. It is also announced to you when booking tickets.

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