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Moldova - Romania - Austria
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Send parcels and packages Moldova - Romania - Austria

Do you want to send a package to your relatives or loved ones in Austria? Call the company to send your package safely.

What you need to do

All you have to do is contact our operator and specify when we have the next Moldova-Romania-Austria route. On the scheduled day, bring the package to our office or lwe check if our bus passes through your city. You will not have to go anywhere and wait in line - you will hand over the package in Moldova to our driver where it will be convenient. The same applies if a package from Austria-Moldova-Romania is sent.

Delivery is made to the specified address in Austria. To contact the recipient, please indicate their valid mobile number.

How the delivery is carried out

We deliver parcels to the recipient, but in some cases, customers prefer to receive the parcel in neutral territory. To avoid delays and problems with customs, please observe the restrictions on shipping prohibited items. You can find out more details from our operator.

Don't worry, we deliver packages without delay! Don’t hesitate to choose You will surely enjoy a national parcel transport service, at the highest level. Draw your attention, we also deliver parcels France-Moldova.

Frequently asked questions
What items are prohibited for delivery?arrow
Weapons, drugs, tobacco products, prescription drugs without providing a prescription, alcohol and perishable products. We also ask you to refrain from fragile items if you are not ready to provide them with proper packaging.
I want to send a parcel to another country that is not listed on your website, is it possible?arrow
The list of countries through which our route passes is indicated on the website. If you do not find any state, it means that we have not yet organized the process of sending parcels there. We are working on an extension.
Can I find out which country my parcel is currently in?arrow

Yes, you can call managers and find out where the parcel is now. But, you should not worry, since she will be on the road for no more than 3 days.

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