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Passenger transportation Moldova - Romania - Hungary

Romania - Hungary

Passengers transportation is carried out every day, in the afternon, from Chisinau

The transportation is caried out until the established address

Booking place by phone
tel+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
tel+(49) 17697056907
tel+(40) 754916932
WIBER+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
WHATSAPP+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01

With a great experience in passenger transport services in the country and abroad, we are the company that takes you where you need, providing safety for your trip. This time we offer you the race on the Moldova-Romania-Hungary route.

You can choose from the means of transport we have, like:

  • Coaches 47 - 56 seats
  • Minibuses - 20 seats
  • Minivans 7 - 8 seats

Absolutely all means of transport are in good technical condition, equipped with wi-fi, air conditioning, comfortable seats, clean lounge - everything that you need for a pleasant and relaxing trip.

Our advantages:

  • Professional and experienced drivers
  • Seamless service 24 x 7
  • Flexible and competitive rates
  • Direct transport to the desired address
  • Additional transport of parcels
  • One Stop Service for your transportation needs

One important thing is that you can travel back from Hungary-Moldova, crossing beautiful Romania. The races take place daily, so don’t hesitate to contact us. For price offers and other details you can contact us at the email address or at the phone numbers indicated on the site. You can travel with us in comfort and safety!

Crossing cities: Nyirbator, Nyiregyhaza, Mezokovesd, Gyongyos, Beretta Falu, Karcag, Szolnok, Cegléd, Erd, Tata, Tatabanya, Komarno, Gyor.

Frequently asked questions
How many things can I take on the bus?arrow

It is allowed to take 1-2 pieces of hand luggage into the bus cabin, things that will be needed on the road.

Can I take food on the bus?arrow

You can take food and drinks with you. We ask you to give up perishable foods and food that emits a pronounced aroma.

Why should I choose your company to travel from Moldova to Hungary?arrow

You have several reasons for this:

  1. We have a low ticket price.
  2. We carry out transportation only on new transport.
  3. We do not ask you to pre-pay for the ticket.
  4. We take you to the exact address at the destination for fre
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