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Passenger transportation Romania - Moldova


Passengers transportation is carried out every day, in the afternon, from Chisinau

The transportation is caried out until the established address

Booking place by phone
tel+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
tel+(49) 17697056907
tel+(40) 754916932
WIBER+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
WHATSAPP+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01

We have been providing passenger transportation from Bucharest to Chisinau for many years. During this time, “Transport Persoane” Company has managed to hone its skills to provide the highest quality service in the country and beyond. Only professionals work with us, that is why we do not have what you might see in other organizations: rude drivers, delayed departures, late arrivals to the address, etc.

We are proud of our features:

  • unconditional compliance with the travel schedule;
  • provision of new, serviceable transport;
  • polite managers and responsible drivers;
  • all kinds of guarantees for your safety.

To book a ticket for a trip with us from Romania to Moldova or in the opposite direction - from Moldova to Romania, call or write to us - the contacts are listed on the website. You will not have to wait long for an answer and you will get maximum information. We are sure - we can pleasantly surprise you. Please note that we have additional services. We also carry out freight shipping, provide buses and trucks for rent, there are services of drivers.

Crossing cities: Iasi, Tirgu Frumos, Tirgu Neamt, Toplita, Reghin, Cluj, Zalau, Tasnad, Carei, Gura Humorului, Vatra Dornei, Dej, Satu Mare.

Frequently asked questions
How often do buses travel from Romania to Chisinau?arrow

Every day, including weekends and holidays, we are on the route. Call and book your ticket in advance.

What kind of luggage can I take with me on the road?arrow

You can take a suitcase, a travel bag or hand luggage. Our buses have large luggage compartments.

What guarantees do we give?arrow

We ensure the complete safety of passengers, advise on the paperwork. In the absence of conflicts with the law, we guarantee the delivery of passengers to the specified address.

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