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Passenger transportation Hungary - Romania - Moldova

Passengers transportation is carried out every day, in the afternon, from Chisinau

The transportation is caried out until the established address

Romania - Hungary

Who are we? The company that offers safety and comfort for the transport of people from Hungary-Romania-Moldova, as well as vice versa from Moldova to Hungary.

Our highest priority is our customers, and we show responsibility and dedication to them. Thus, we attach special importance to the professionalism of our employees. We have only experienced, respectful and kind drivers.

Our advantages are:

  • Safety and support throughout the trip
  • Favorable prices
  • Dedicated and professional team
  • Transport to the requested destination
  • Positive attitude towards the client

The interior of buses and minibuses is equipped with modern armchairs with a comfortable distance between seats. They have excellent air conditioning, which helps keep passengers healthy, and the large panoramic windows will allow you to enjoy beautiful views throughout the trip. Our company takes care of its passengers, call and order tickets Moldova-Hungary and vice versa - we will be happy to take you to your destination and you will certainly be satisfied with the fact that you have chosen to travel with

Crossing cities: Nyirbator, Nyiregyhaza, Mezokovesd, Gyongyos, Beretta Falu, Karcag, Szolnok, Cegléd, Erd, Tata, Tatabanya, Komarno, Gyor.

Frequently asked questions
How much does a ticket for a trip Hungary-Moldova cost?arrow

We offer the best prices for trips from Europe. To find out the exact price of your particular route, call us. The manager will calculate the cost by finding out which city and where you are going from.

Are there discounts on tickets for children?arrow

All children under the age of 6 travel with Transport Persoane for free. For a child over 6 years old, a full ticket must be purchased.

How long will it take to get from Hungary to Moldova?arrow

Approximately you will be on the road for 18 hours. Our managers will be able to tell you exactly the time on the way, who will learn from you the city of departure and the city of arrival. Do you want us to count it right now? Call me!

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