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Moldova - Romania - Germany
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Send parcels and packages Moldova - Romania - Germany

”Transport Persoane” Company is not only engaged in regular passenger and freight transportation, but also in the delivery of parcels. The direction Moldova-Germany is the most popular today, that’s why we have made every effort to improve the process.

Thanks to our help, you can:

  • send a package;
  • send a parcel;
  • send luggage without a passenger;
  • transmit documents.

Our guarantees:

  • delivery will be made in the shortest possible time;
  • goods, documents, medicines, products will be delivered in the form in which we will accept them from you;
  • in case of damage or loss of the parcel you will be reimbursed for its full value.

We highly recommend

  1. Keep a document confirming the value of the package / parcel until it is received by the addressee;
  2. Do not pass on prescription drugs without a copy of the prescription, illegal substances, or perishable foods;
  3. Trust us, because we have extensive experience in delivering parcels and packages throughout Europe.

We also deliver parcels from Germany to Moldova.

Frequently asked questions
What is the maximum weight allowed for a parcel?arrow

We have almost no weight restrictions, but if you have doubts whether we can deliver a heavy parcel, call our managers and they will answer you.

What documents are needed for the delivery?arrow

To arrange delivery, we only need the contact details of the sender and recipient.

Will I receive some kind of document confirming the registration and payment of the parcel?arrow

Yes, you will receive a payment document and will have to save it before the recipient receives the parcel.

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