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Moldova - Romania - Luxembourg
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Send parcels and packages Moldova - Romania - Luxembourg

It’s easy to send a package with You can safely deliver your package to our office every day, from morning to evening.

For successful pickup and delivery of the package from Moldova-Romania-Luxembourg, don’t forget to write complete and correct information about the address, including postal codes, name, telephone number.

Proper packaging and selection of the appropriate packaging materials to minimize the risk of damage during transport is required before sending a package:

  • Choose a box of appropriate size to support the weight
  • Use cushioning materials to fill any extra space
  • Seal the box tightly on all sides
  • Attach the shipping label, if it’s necessary

Check your package for prohibited or restricted items, as they may be refused, returned or confiscated at customs.

No matter what you send, even from the opposite direction, Luxembourg-Moldova - the ideal solution is just a sound distance to our company. Access a network of professional services and transport of parcels within the established terms.

The price to send a package will depend on the selected service and the place of collection. The shipping price will also depend on the weight and size of the package.

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Frequently asked questions
I need to send a package from Luxembourg to Moldova, can you deliver it?arrow
Yes, we are engaged in sending parcels and parcels, both from Moldova and from other European countries.
What contact details of the recipient are needed to send?arrow

In order for us to deliver your parcel, we need to know: the recipient's name, contact phone number and address, including postal code.

I want to ship a fragile cargo, is it possible?arrow

Yes, to do this, pack the parcel well and use shock-absorbing materials to protect the parcel from damage.

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