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Passenger transportation Belgium - Romania - Moldova

Romania - Belgium

Passengers transportation is carried out every day, in the afternon, from Chisinau

The transportation is caried out until the established address

Booking place by phone
tel+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
tel+(49) 17697056907
tel+(40) 754916932
WIBER+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01
WHATSAPP+(373) 799 000 69 / +(373) 767 400 01

For many years, our company has built the best routes, so passenger transportation from Belgium to Moldova with us is fast and safe. We pass through the largest cities of Europe and Romania and we always bring you to the right address. Our final destination is Chisinau. And if you want to come back, buy tickets for the return trip Moldova-Romania-Belgium.

Equipment of our coaches:

  • seats with adjustable armrests and headrests;
  • storage niches for personal items next to the seats;
  • air conditioning, cooling and heating systems;
  • TVs, multimedia systems.

Our features:

  • only the latest transport, comfortably equipped;
  • professionals - polite staff;
  • experienced drivers who succeed each other on the road;
  • availability of “drop-off to address” service;
  • making scheduled stops and on-demand stops;
  • guarantee safe travel;
  • favorable prices.

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Crossing cities: Liege, Bruxelles, Antwerpen, Gent, Bruges, Oostende, Arlon, Rochefort, Bouillon, Malmedy, Spa, Namur, Huy, Genk, Peer, Leuven, Charleroi, Mons, Roubaix, Kortrijk, Ypres.

Frequently asked questions
How to book a bus ticket from Belgium to Moldova?arrow

To book tickets, please contact our contact Center. You can call or write to the specified messengers. You can also book a ticket through a convenient form on the site. Any other questions? Order a callback and our managers will contact you. We guarantee high quality service at a reasonable price!

If I fill out the feedback form, how quickly will I get a call back?arrow

We will call back to customers within 10 minutes if the loop is left during business hours. If you filled out the form outside working hours, we will call you back as soon as we start working on it or the next day. In any case, we guarantee that we will contact you as soon as possible, because every customer is important to us!

How is the ticket paid?arrow

There is no need to pay a ticket in advance, for example, at the time of booking. Payment is made before boarding the bus. Our consultant will tell you the cost of the trip when booking a seat.

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You can request a call back using the feedback form