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Hungary - Romania - Moldova
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Send parcels and packages Hungary - Romania - Moldova

Delivery parcels of Hungary-Romania-Moldova through our company means fast order, careful attitude towards your shipment and optimal delivery routes.

We guarantee the best parcel delivery prices both from Hungary-Moldova and in the reverse direction, Moldova-Hungary.

Advantages of our company

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best parcel shipping experience at a conveniable prices. We check hundreds of prices every day to make sure ours are the lowest. Do you have a question about price or support? Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will be happy to help you. We know that if you need to send a package, you want it to arrive safely and you can base on us to deliver it on time.

We are always happy to provide you with more detailed information about the conditions of cooperation and to answer of all your questions.

For more information, please contact us online on viber or whatsapp or find us at the phone numbers indicated on the site.


Frequently asked questions
I want to send a parcel from Hungary to Moldova, but I'm afraid it's too expensive, where can I find out the price?arrow
Yes, it can be done. You will only need to tell which parcel you want to send to which city, as well as the contacts of the recipients.
I need to send a parcel urgently, how fast can I do it?arrow

Call us right now and let us know where you are. We will find the nearest route to which we can transfer your parcel and tell you how to contact the driver and how much it costs.

I want to send two parcels to two different cities in Moldova at one time, is it possible?arrow

Yes, we can provide you with such a service.

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